We Are All Strangers To Each Other

What about “We Are All Strangers To Each Other”? Have you ever been somewhere where you felt like a stranger?

The title for this set came about in pretty much the same way. A lot of the people I photograph are strangers I meet on a street somewhere. We say hi, we smile, I take their photo and then they are gone. Most of them will never see the photograph I took of them. It’s a really strange thing when you think about it. I feel like a stranger myself a lot of the time. especially when travelling around the world working. I can turn up in a city and know no one, spend far too long in generic hotel rooms alone, walking empty streets in strange cities at night because of jet lag, you get fleeting glimpses into others lives while you are kind of drifting around in a state of unsleep… all inspiration for both my photographic and moving image work. This set is also a companion piece in many ways thematically to “All That You Leave Behind”.

Excerpt from an interview with Dreck Magazine