All That You Leave Behind

Tell me about “All That You Leave Behind”. It’s one of my favourite series. How did it come about?

This series came about while trying to categorise my photographs to put onto my website. Names such as “landscapes” and “people” didn’t really do it for me. I needed a name that really encapsulated all the titles and atmospheres I was trying to capture on my flickr stream. The title “All that you leave behind” came about after looking at them all together and thinking that these places, these landscapes that we see briefly, or visit once never to return are here forever, even when we are long gone. I wanted something poetic and meaningful that reflected the way I felt about the shots when I took them. Emptiness, Loneliness, Isolation and Regret are big themes that run through a lot of my work. I think this set sums that up. When I look at it as a series of pictures I can hear music, imagine a powerful poem being spoken and see it all as a loose storyboard for a short film or visual poem.

Excerpt from an interview with Dreck Magazine